What you need on a erratic rock program


Most people automatically assume that the weather is hot in South America, but in Patagonia the temerature can feel quite cold, especially at night. We also recommend bringing a duffel bag or backpack for clothing not used on the trail. A full sized backpack is essential in the park.



Passport (with photocopies)

Travel insurance (with photocopies)

Airline tickets (with photocopies)

USD cash or travelers cheques / credit or debt cards


Field gear

Lg internal frame backpack 6-7000 cu. in.

Sleeping bag - rated at 0 degree F.

Sun screen - high factor

1 or 2 one-quart water bottles

Pocket knife

2 lg plastic garbage bags


Headlamp or flashlight

Equipment repair kit - wire, duct tape, ripstop fabric tape, needle and thread etc...

First-Aid kit - Mole skin, bandages, antibiotic oitment, tweezers, fingernail clippers etc...

Personals - including: toilet paper, deoderant, fingernail clippers etc...



Trekking boots

Sandels for river crossings and camp

Fleece / wool stocking hat

Light colored bandana

Base layers - top and bottom

Fleece insulating jacket

Down Jacket

Gore-Tex shell jacket and pants

Hiking pants

3 pair socks

1 pair shorts




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