Erratic Rock (definition):
"A rock or boulder carried by a glacier far enough from its source to be deposited in an environment completely different than the one in which it started."



erratic rock patagonia is well-known for its extensive range of activities, from trekking to world class rock climbing and mountaineering. Most of our programs are on the Chilean side of Patagonia, covering all of Argentine Patagonia as well. The programs focus on fun, safety and outdoor education. Exceptional guides and top athletes have been collected from all over the world to lead programs that allow you to live the diversity of Patagonia. From the 2,424 square kilometers of Torres del Paine, to Cabo Froward’s remote tip of South America, to the extreme environments of Isla Navarino and Cape Horn, we offer more adventure and expedition possibilities than anyone could possibly experience in one season.


Founded in 2004 by Bill Penhollow and Rustyn Mesdag, Erratic Rock was created to meet the needs of trekkers and climbers in Patagonia. These needs are: comfortable and clean accommodations; English and Spanish speakers on staff; relieable equipmpent on hand; and a service stemming from a simple understanding of travelers aboard.



Come experience one of the last great adventure destinations in the world, ...while its still wild.

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