Central Tower

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


15 days climbing
4900 USD per person
Maximum group size - 1 guide / 1 client
We would like to be part of your next big wall expedition, offering you a rewarding and challenging adventure, following the steps of this two visionary climbing legends.
In 1963, an English and an Italian expedition camped close to the base of the Torres with the objective to be the first ones to climb the Torre Central (2,800 m) and the Torre Sur (2,850 m). They could not agree of who would climb which mountain, so both expeditions started with Torre Central. The English expedition had arrived one day early to the park, so they were in advantage and some of them descended to remove the pitons  so the Italians would not use them. Finally Chris Bonington and Don Whillams reached the summit on the 16th of January of 1963.

Climbing in Patagonia is an amazing and  difficult experience. And like most Climbing- mountaineering expeditions, it’s a matter of managing different levels of discomfort. Seeing the world from the summit of these incredible granite peaks is something you will never forget; climbing in Patagonia will leave you with bragging rights that will last a lifetime. The weather is often relentless and winds can often reach 60 km per hour. There is no reliable weather report to count on as it often changes hourly. Our years of climbing experience in Patagonia are priceless. Our guides have climbed in Patagonia enough to understand the “weather patterns”, identify potential hazards and know when to push on or pack up. We are proud to provide seasoned, safe and experienced guides  because it’s paramount to a successful climb in Torres del Paine.
The approach of the route will  be from the west side of the Paine massiff (Silencio Valley), in which  a serial of steep slops,  morrain and moderate climbing  (Up to 5-8) will take us to the Col Bich,  after this notch the "Bonnington-Williams, follows some unreal dihidrals and roofs offering some of  the best pitches  of the "classics" (5-11 / A2) of Paine, after several of them we reach the sholder  in which a summit traverse is required before the last 5-8 pitch 
to the real TOP. From the summit, views stretch to the Southern Patagonian icecap, the complete Paine Massive, and the pampas of Argentina. The climb from the Col to the summit should take around 9 hours. 

Day 1 - Arrive in Puerto Natales, the gateway town to Torres del Paine. Meet your guide and enjoy a team dinner.
Day 2 - Travel to Torres del Paine, meet our porters   and carry the load of equipment to  Camp 1 - Campemento Las Torres.
Day 3 - We head further up the valley, to Camp 2, with our loads of equipment to our basecamp at ‘Campemento Japones’. This is our base camp for the next 10 days.
Day 4 - Prep day; gear, food, ropes and most importantly getting our heads on straight.
Day 5 - We start to move essential equipment up to the base of the towers.
Day 6 - Move to Camp 3 (calm winds only).
Days 7-13 - Waiting for weather windows to climb to the summit and back down. The climbing will be a mix of aid or jummaring (if required) and  climbing  up to 5.10.
Day 14 - Return to base camp in Japanese Camp.
Day 15 - We meet our porters. After descending down to Hosteria Las Torres, we meet our driver and return to Puerto Natales, where we celebrate a safe return with good food and world class Chilean wine.
This will involve climbing at up to 5.10 in rock shoes with a light pack. You need to be comfortable ascending fixed ropes. Speed is very important.
January 1-15, 2017
January  17-31, 2017
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