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Rustyn Mesdag - Owner

Rustyn has been guiding and working in the outdoor industry for 14 years and living in Patagonia for the last 13. International travels and new adventures were always the goal. Rustyn was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. He speaks Dutch, English and Spanish and manages the expeditions and logistics for erratic rock and can be often found giving instruction at the daily information seminars at erraic rock. Aside from the tours and equipment, he is the erratic's house carpenter and graphic designer.



Bill Penhollow - Owner

Bill has been working and living in Chile for 16 years and guiding in Patagonia for nine. His travels have taken him to 60 different countries and while he never had any other plan but to just keep going, Bill landed in Patagonia. Bill manages the hostel and is known for personally serving the sunrise breakfast to all the trekkers heading to Torres del Paine. Bill speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Sebastian Munoz - guide

Sebastian grew up in Colombia. In 2007, he moved to southern Chile where he has been developing  his skills in big wall and alpine climbing. In 2009, he succesfuly climbed all three Towers of Paine. In 2011 he climbed the East Face of the Central Tower in a single push (1.200 meters). Aside from his love for big walls, Sebastian has Red pointed 8a+ (5-13c) and has many ascents in South America, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand and Europe. Nowadays, Sebastian lives in Pilzen, Czech Republic together with her wife and two cats. He spent most of his time in the Czech Sandstone and German Frankenjura, where he works out his free climbing skills. 


Tomas Roy Aguilo - guide
Tomy grew up in Bariloche, Argentina. He has been skiing for more than 25 years, and climbing the last 15.
Tomy is a certified UIAGM Mountain Guide and has guided in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. He now can be found guiding great mountains such as Fitz Roy, Aconcagua, Mont Blanc, Mera Peak, Alpamayo, and more.
As a professional climber he has lead climb on Fitz Roy 8 times, Cerro Torre twice, & has opened many new routes in Patagonia. Mountains are his passion and his profession.

Koen Jongerling - guide

Koen comes from Holland and has his degree in Outdoor Education. He first came to Patagonia 5 years ago and since has traveled extensively throughout Chile. He hold numerous certifications specializing in outdoor sports and instruction - including team building, kayaking & white water, high rope rescue  and kids programs. When he is not dealing with equipment or in the field he can be found at the Base Camp socializing with backpackers.



Ruth Gombert - guide

Ruth has her degree in Outdoor Education and is a important member of our staff. She was born and raised in Holland and is now taking on everything Chile has to offer. Now in her third season in Patagonia, Ruth usually can be found at Base Camp giving the 3 o’clock information seminar in the and renting equipment to eager trekkers headed to Torres del Paine. She speaks Spanish, Dutch & English.


Kelly Bauer - rental center / info

Kelly grew up in the states and majored in Psychology and Recreation, and Park & Tourism Administration. She loves the water and has spent a month navigating the back waters of Canada via canoe, and weeks in Baja California sea kayaking and island hopping amongst dolphins and sea lions. Kelly worked with at-risk youth in the high desert of Utah as a lead instructor and field support manager with various wilderness therapy programs. In Utah, she also discovered her passion for rock climbing. When not in Patagonia, she lives in Oregon teaching yoga and exploring the Cascades through her new found love: mountaineering.


Julia Angermeier - Rental/Info
Julia decided after 15 years of intensive-care nursing that it was time for a big change! So, she left her home in Germany and travelled to Chile. She road-tripped down the Carretera Austral, discovered the haunting beauty of Patagonia and decided to stay a while. She is now part of the erratic rock team. She loves climbing mountains, kayaking, camping and making fire...she just loves to be outside! She's looking forward to supporting you and helping you to live your passion: being outside!


Chelsea Ladd - Rental/Info 
Chelsea is originally from the USA where for four years she taught two of her passions: skiing and snowboarding. She lives for thrilling challenges with others and continues to develop her skills in climbing and mountaineering. Chelsea has found her way to the bottom of this beautiful world with a strong intent to learn Spanish, so throw as much at her as possible even if she looks thoroughly confused! She is excited to share her knowledge with you to help create an epic adventure of your own here in Patagonia.
Sasja Leussink - Rental/Info
Sasja grew up in a Dutch city next to the German border. He developed his passion for the outdoors and nature during the 10 years of being a boyscout. Before coming to Patagonia he hitchhiked through Europe, which is when he discovered his love for learning new cultures and languages. He is fluent in 3 languages (Dutch, German and English) and hopes to add Spanish to that list one day soon. He is exited to share his passion for the outdoors with you!

Steve Schnieder - guide
Steve Schneider is a world class rock climber and mountaineer. He has climbed El Capitan in Yosemite over 100 times. His solo of the 3 towers of Paine puts him at the extreme edge of adventure climbing. From an early beginning as a eagle boy scout, he has been teaching climbing for over 30 years. Steve is an AMGA certified 
rock guide. Now Steve is one of the world's most sought after guides for anything from family trekking trips, to guided big walls and High Sierra peak bagging. Steve leads successful expeditions to Mongolia, Pakistan, Alaska, and Peru, but has a special love for Patagonia, Chile and Argentina. He has made 7 expeditions to the range, and has more ascents of the Towers of Paine in Chile than any other climber.


Sebastian Borgwardt - guide
Sebastian was raised in the East German city of Leipzig. His obsession of the outdoors has taken him on many different adventures throughout the world. When coming to Chile in 1999, he made his way down to P
atagonia by bicycle and fell in love with rugged terrain and rough winds. He found his new home at the end of the world. His ability to switch back and forth between his native German, English, Spanish and a bit of basic french is impressive. Sebastian has guided hundreds of programs throughout Patagonia and his knowledge of flora, fauna, history and geology is unmatched. When Sebastian is not in the field he can be found running Aonikenk, a hostel and guide service based out of Punta Arenas.


Kate & Cory Mortensen - Hostel
Kate & Cory left their professional lives behind to travel the world. Once a lawyer, Kate now enjoys meeting fellow travellers and finding out what inspires them. And Cory, once an entrepreneur, now focuses on hiking as many mountains as he can and loves forging new trails. Even though they left the United States over one year ago, they are in no rush to leave South America, particularly their new erratic rock family in Patagonia. They look forward to meeting you and making you feel at home at erratic rock!


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