Patagonia Fjord Expedition


Tent camping / Floating Refugio / Trekking - 4 nights, 5 days

Maximum: 7 clients

Level of difficuly: Medium

Pack weight: day pack

Cost: $1500 USD 


dition Facts: If you are the kind of person who loves challenges, the outdoor lifestyle, traveling around the world seeking the most wonderful and exclusive places, where it’s just you, nature and the imposing landscape… then this is what you are waiting for! This program combines navigation and trekking in the remote and pristine Patagonian fjords, completing a unique lifetime experience.
This trek
king circuit begins in the Resi fjord and crosses to the Mountains fjord through a pass created by the strong erosion of a gone glacier. We go through a beautiful valley that is characterized by evergreen forests, waterfalls, peatland, rocks and moraines just colonized by lichens and mosses. We trek by imposing mountains with whimsical shapes until we arrive to the “thunder” lagoon, where we begin a steep uphill on a rock wall till the pass. When we get to cross to the other side, it will be possible to admire the magnitude of the Mountains fjord and
 the majestic Sarmiento mountain range with its summits covered by centenary ice that feeds many hanging glaciers and five main glaciers that flow down to the fjord. We'll have a hallucinative panoramic view of the fjord that seems tiny surrounded by huge mountains and glacie
rs that rise in the horizon.
We'll spend the first two nights in our mobile campsites, where we’ll have
a dome as shelter and dining room at the end of a nice trekking day. On the third day we’ll arrive to enjoy our exclusive floating refuge “Explorador”, where we’ll take our fast boat to navigate until the Bernal glacier. This gives us the chance to watch all its beauty while we hike along its colorful moraines that cross its pro-glacier lake, being possible to get to touch its ice. Our professional local guide will give us a speech on the terrain so we are able to learn more about the landscape, its formation and the powerful ancestral culture of the area.
Finally, we will travel back to Puerto Natales, hiking through a beautiful path known as “Alacalufe”. This is the same name that was given to the canoeist ancestors who inhabited all the fjord lands in the last 5,000 years of whom used this path to connect the Mountains fjords with the Resi fjord, where we began our trekking circuit. From here, we will navigate back the same way we came in, embarking on a one and a half hour journey by boat until Estancia Mercedes. Upon arrival, we will continue 42 kilometers by car on a gravel road until we reach the ferry that will take us across the Señoret channel back to Puerto Natales.
Day 0: Gear check at Erratic Rock Base Camp - 6pm.
Day 1: We begin by taking a ferry across the Señoret channel to Antonio Varas peninsula, located in front of Puerto Natales. Then, we continue by car for an hour on a gravel road to Estancia Mercedes where we’ll enjoy a tasty lunch. After lunch, we will navigate by boat one and a half hours until the end of the Resi fjord. Here we have our first mobile campsite with a dome as shelter along with a dining room. On the way, we might see seals, dolphins, penguins, cormorants, condors and other species. If the weather conditions are favorable and allow us to arrive early, we’ll hike around and appreciate the beauty of the area. We will finish the day with a tasty dinner in our dome.
Day 2: After breakfast, we will begin our 8 kilometer trekking circuit through a beautiful valley characterized by evergreen forests, waterfalls, peatland, rocks and moraines colonized by lichens and mosses. We trek for about 4 hours by imposing mountains with whimsical shapes until we arrive to the “thunder” lagoon, which is surrounded by huge rock walls that look like an amphitheater.  The powerful action of a gone glacier has transformed one of these rock walls into a natural pass that makes it possible to trek uphill through natural terraces to the Mountains fjord. We will enjoy our boxed lunch at the pass.
From the pass, it's possible to see some of the summits covered by centenary ice which belong to the Sarmiento mountain range. We continue through moraines and erratic rocks passing by two beautiful lagoons until we finally have a clear view of the entire fjord that appears tiny surrounded by huge mountains and glaciers in the horizon. From here, the terrain towards our second campsite in front of the Kiara glacier is more rocky and solid, making it an easier hike. Here, we have a dome for shelter and a dining room to enjoy another nice dinner with an exclusive panoramic view.
Day 3: We begin the day with a good breakfast. Then, we’ll navigate 10 minutes from the campsite towards the North to a beautiful beach with a glacier in the background. Here begins our trekking; we’ll gain 300 meters of elevation until we get to a panoramic lookout of the glaciers Alsina and Paredes that fall down from the icy summits of the Sarmiento mountain range to the fjord itself.
Later, we come back down to the beach the same way we went up, but this time we’ll trek 12 kilometers towards the South. Half way, we will pass by where our last campsite was. The terrain is similar to what we have seen already; rivers, erratic rocks and curious birds that will follow us as we go. Somewhere along the way we will stop to eat our boxed lunch.
We will arrive at a bay in front of the Hermann glacier where the boat awaits us to take us across the fjord, 10 minutes until the Bernal glacier. We disembark at the coast and then hike through a particular trail with colorful moraines that cross the pro-glacier lake, allowing us to get close and safe enough to touch its ice. This permits us to watch and understand its movements and changes it makes in the landscape through the years, complemented with a pleasant speech given by our professional local guide. The contrast of colors between the vegetation, the ice, the mountains and the fjord in the background makes any picture postcard worthy.
After visiting this glacier, we then navigate again in our fast boat another 15 minutes to the remote Huiros bay, where we will find our exclusive floating refuge “Explorador”. We’ll enjoy the facilities, a hot shower and a delicious parting dinner.
Day 4: After a nice breakfast, we will head back to Puerto Natales, hiking through the “Alacalufe” path, named after the canoeist ancestors who inhabited all the fjord lands in the last 5,000 years. They used this pass to connect the Mountains fjord with the Resi fjord. After one and a half hours of hiking, we'll reach the Acantilados lake, which is incased between huge rock walls; it's only possible to go across by boat, taking five minutes. Once at the other side, we walk for another 30 minutes to arrive to the Resi fjord.
Here we take our fast boat to navigate one and a half hours to Estancia Mercedes as day one. We have a typical, local lunch and continue until Puerto Natales, finishing this trip around 16:00.
Program dates:    
Departure Return  
Jan 3, 2017 Jan 5, 2017  
Jan 10, 2017 Jan 13, 2017  
Jan 17, 2017 Jan 20, 2017  
Jan 24, 2017 Jan 27, 2017  
Jan 31, 2017 Feb 3,  2017  
Feb 7,  2017 Feb 10,  2017  
Feb 14,  2017 Feb 17,  2017  
Feb 21,  2017 Feb 24,  2017  
Feb 28,  2017 March 3, 2017  
March 7, 2017 March 10, 2017  
March 7, 2017 March 10, 2017  
March 14, 2017 March 17, 2017  
March 21, 2017 March 24, 2017  
March 28, 2017 March 31, 2017  
Expedition includes:
• guide with satellite communication devices (Delorem InReach) & park radio
• all meals in the field
• all transportation & navigation
• entrance fees
• all logistics
Not included:
• personal camping and trekking gear (clothing, trekking poles, sleeping bag)
• alcoholic beverages
• lodging in town before and after the program
• travel insurance
• itinerary changes
• tips
• personal first aid kit








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