Using a porter on your tour - 150 USD per day

Porters can be hired to support you on our guided programs. For exsisting tours, porters can be hired to carry up to 15 kilos of your pack wieght. This is a great way to reduce your pack wieght and trek with ease. The porters are a real part of our team and trek with the group.
Using porter services for non-guided treks - 200 USD per day
Porters can be arranged for non-guided treks as well. On self-guided tours the porters can either trek with your group - carrying the day supplies, or move ahead with your extra equipment and food to the next camp. Your equipment is transporterd in dry bags and will be waiting for you when you arrive. Porters can be hired for two clients maximum.
Rodrigo Zenteno - Rodrigo has been working in the TdP National Park since he was 19. First starting in the refugios and campgrounds but soon started walking and exploring the trails of the park and it wasnt long before he was running loads in the park. He truely enjoys walking the trail with a big load. When he is not portering loads, he can be found mountain biking and climbing. Rodrigo is First Aid Certified.  


Victor Godoy - Victor is born and raised in the Magellanes area. He has been living and working in Torres del Paine for 4 years and is not planning on leaving anytime soon. After Victors first visit to the park he knew that this was the place he wanted to be. Victor does not see his job as 'work'. His certifications include his WFR and various mountaineering courses. Whenever he is not in the park he can be find exploring the area on bike.

Pablo Salgado - Pablo is from Cajon el Maipo, he has worked in Torres del Paine for two seasons and does al kinds of stuff. He workes as a porter, wintersport rescuer and any other job there is to do in the mountians. he has succesfully ended multiple courses like, rafting, WFR, and snow rescue course. His free time he will spend climbing, bouldering, high mountain hiking or any other sport you can possibly do outside. He is a man who likes things simple and solitary. Living life enjoying nature in every  possible way.  

 Pablo Figueroa Langer -  Pablo is from Temuco, Chile and studied adventure tourism. Pablo has certifications in first aid, avalanche and has completed various mountaineering courses. In the off season he works in the Lakes Region as a lifeguard. When not working he can be found rock climbing - his primary passion.

Gerardo Valdivia - Gerardo is from Puerto Natales, but for the last 5 years he has spent winters in Santiago for climbing and training. He has studied tourism and has several mountaineering certifications such as sport climbing level 1 (ENAM, UIAA). He is studying for his Torres del Paine guide certification. He hopes to be able to pass his knowledge to the local kids in the community where he too grew up.



Cristián Sepúlveda - Christian is 29 years old and was born in Santiago. Since a very young age Cristián's father took him to the mountains and taught love for the outdoors and specifically mountaineering. When he became old enough he started exploring the peaks in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Chile. When he finally discovered Torres del Paine - he found a new home. He speaks spanish and english.







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