What you need on a erratic rock program


Most people automatically assume that the weather is hot in South America, but in Patagonia the temerature can feel quite cold, especially at night. We also recommend bringing a duffel bag or backpack for clothing not used on the trail. A full sized backpack is essential in the park.




Passport (with photocopies)

Travel insurance (with photocopies)

Airline tickets - you must be able to show round trip travel


Field gear

Large internal frame backpack 65L - 85L - such as the Deuter AIRCONTACT 65 + 10

Sleeping bag - rated at 0 degree F / -5 comfortable C° - such as the Marmot Trestle 0

Sun screen - factor 30+

1 liter water bottle

2 large plastic garbage bags

Sport sunglasses with minimum catagory 3 or 4 UV protection

Headlamp & extra batteries

Equipment repair kit - wire, duct tape, ripstop fabric tape, needle and thread etc...

First-Aid kit - Compeed, Tape for blisters, Mole skin, bandages, antibiotic oitment, tweezers, etc...

Personals - including: toilet paper, deoderant, fingernail clippers etc...

Trekking poles - optional



Trekking boots - such as the Timberland thorton

• Camp / running shoes

Fleece / wool stocking hat

Light colored bandana

Base layers - top and bottom

Fleece insulating jacket - such as the Outdoor research Radiant Hybrid pullover

Down Jacket - such as the Outdoor research Transcendent down hoody

Gore-Tex shell jacket  - such as the Outdoor research Foray jacket

Waterproof Pants - such as the Outdoor research Rampart Pants

Hiking pants - such as the Outdoor research Ferrosi pants

1 Warm gloves - such as the Outdoor research Stormtracker sensor 

Trekking socks and spares

1 pair shorts





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Do I need rescue insurance to trek in Torres del Paine?

No, you don't. But travel insurance is always a good idea.


Do I need rescue insurance to climb in Torres del Paine?
Resuce coverage is needed to obtain climbing permits inside the park. Contact the
American Alpine Club for resuce coverage information - americanalpineclub.org/p/global_rescue

What is included in the tour price?

• guide
• group Gear (tents, stove & cooking equipment, sleeping pad)
• entrance, camping & park fees
• all transportation
• all meal in the field


What’s the weather going to be like?
That’s the forbidden question. Expect all types of weather, from sunny and warm to snowy and frozen. This is not a joke!!

How long does the trekking season last?
Roughly from October to April, but it’s lasting longer every year. The truth is that it’s beautiful here all the time, and the Park is great in winter.

How much will I be expected to carry on the trail?
Approx 15 to 20 kilos per person, unless arrangements are made in advance.

How far is it to the Park from Natales?
From Natales, by bus, it’s about 2 to 2.5 hours.

What time is sunrise and sunset?
It changes, of course, but you can find out the specifics on the back of the map they give you when you enter the Park. During summer, from roughly December to March, you have about 18 hours of daylight.

Do I need to tie up my food in the Park? 
Mice have been a problem in the Park recently, so it is a good idea to tie up your food.  

Can you drink the water in the Park?
You bet! Best water in the world. Just make sure it’s fresh run off, not lake water or anything downstream from a camp or refugio. 

Do I need sunscreen in the Park?
YES! The hole in the ozone hovers right over us during spring and summer. It can and will cause problems after a multi-day trek in the park. The UV rays come through the clouds too, so don’t skimp on the sun protection.

Should I worry about bugs in the Park?
You will see bugs on the back circuit if there is no wind and some warmer weather. Bug repellent is a good idea.

How do I contact the Park’s Search and Rescue if something happens?
There’s no official Search and Rescue, but any of the CONAF ranger stations can help you.

What is the exchange rate when changing money into Chilean pesos?
The best way to find the newest exchange rate is to check an exchange rate web site like

Where I can change dollars, or exchange money into pesos?
There are many 'Casa de Cambios' in Puerto Natales where you can exchange and buy most currencies.

Do people speak english?
Although english is not commonly spoken in Patagonia, with the growing tourism english speakers can be found. All erratic rock guides speak english and spanish.

Is there cell signal in the park?
There is no cell service in Torres del Paine National Park.

If I arrive here on Navimag, can I still hit the trail first thing the next morning?
This depends on sea conditions and arrival times.

What is Navimag? 
Navimag is the weekly ferry service (which originally just brought goods to the extreme parts of Chile from the north.) Now it shuttles travelers between Puerto Natales and Puerto Montt.

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