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Film Productions

Film productions in Patagonia, for advertisements or movies, can also be arranged through our offices. Filming on the Patagonian Ice Cap, inside Torres del Paine or surrounding mountains delivers breathtaking and dramatic scenery and great footage. We offer our top mountain guides as support for risky mountain terrain, such as ice, snow and boulder areas. Our guides know this terrain inside and out. They feel at home in the roughest environments and the ever changing weather patterns of Patagonia. We can help you with location scouting, field support, helicopters, ski touring, and arrange any gear you may need at the bottom of the world. Our team can develop a pre-production schedule according to your needs, and assist with hiring local crews, casting local actors, extras, permits, housing and transportation arrangements.



Kayak Programs
Kayaking in Patagonia can be labeled as nothing less than world class. From a half day lesson in the Ultima Esparanza Fjord, to a multi-day expedition up and into Torres del Paine, kayaking at the bottom of the world is a memory that you will not soon forget. Novice to seasoned kayakers can learn a range of skills, from how to perform self and assisted rescues to route planning. We take advantage of some of the top kayak guides in Patagonia to make sure your program is safe, professional and respectful of the pristine surroundings. Our kayaking programs are a great extra to customize and/or add to one of our already existing programs.



Horseback Programs
erratic rock has been running horse programs in Patagonia since 2005 with the best Chilean horseback experts that Torres del Paine has to offer. Our clients have left Patagonia with great memories and truly unforgettable experiences. Patagonia was founded on horseback and is one of the purest ways to visit this pristine and wild land. Programs can be arranged inside the boundries of Torres del Paine National park - or out. Ride though iceberg graveyards and up small rocky mountainsides. Sleep at authentic Chilean estancias and ride for days and days across Patagonian pampa with breathtaking mountains looming overhead. See Patagonia while it's still wild.





Climbing Programs
Climbing in Patagonia is as rewarding as it is difficult. And like most moutaineering, it’s a matter of managing different levels of discomfort. Seeing the world from the summit of these incredible granite peaks is something you will never forget; climbing in Patagonia will leave you with bragging rights that will last a lifetime. The weather is often relentless and winds can often reach 60 km per hour. There is no reliable weather report to count on as it often changes hourly. Our years of climbing and trekking experience in Patagonia is priceless. Our guides have climbed in Patagonia enough to understand the “weather patterns”, identify potential hazards and know when to push on or pack up. We are proud to provide seasoned, safe and experienced guides - this is paramount to a successful climb in Torres del Paine.


Mountain Bike Programs

Mountain bikes in Patagonia can be extremely hard, but also incredibly satisfying. From a half day ride to the Mirador Ultima Esparanza, or a multi-day expedition into Torres Del Paine - Mountain biking at the bottom of the world is a memory that you will not soon forget. Novice to experienced riders can both enjoy these rigged surroundings. Ours guides make sure our programs are safe, professional and respectful to the pristine surroundings. Our Mountain bike programs are a great extra to customize your existing program.


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