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Baquedano 719 

Puerto Natales 


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*Getting to us:

From Puerto Natales bus terminal:

The Puerto Natales bus terminal is a 15 minute walk from downtown. It is located on the top of the big hill just outside downtown.  From the Bus terminal walk downhill on Miraflores until you get to the Plaza (the park) and erratic rock will be on Baquedano across from the plaza. 


From the Punta Arenas airport:

The Punta Arenas airport is approx 20 minutes from downtown Punta Arenas. Taxis and transfers are available to bring you to the center where you can buy a bus ticket for approx 5.000clp one way. There are a few bus companies that drive between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales multiple times per day. All buses drop off at the main bus terminal in Puerto Natales.


Buses Punta Arenas:

Buses Fernandez - Armando Sanhueza 745, Punta Arenas, phone: +56 (61) 221429

Bus Sur - José Menéndez 552, Punta Arenas, phone: +56 (61) 2614224

Buses Pacheco - Avenida Colon 900, Punta Arenas, 56 (61) 2242174

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