Are you are interested in the glamorous world of unpaid internships? Applications are now 

being taken for hostel interns, season 2014/2015. Each year erratic rock finds qualified students and travelers to live and work in Patagonia. Duties include all hostel work like: equipment rental, building remodeling and maintenance, program logistical support, reservations and the Patagonia Recycle Project, ...and living and working among travelers, backpackers and climbers full time. In return you are given everything the hostel has to offer for the length of your stay as well as free participation in erratic rock programs. These positions are very fun but very challenging. In a constant onslaught of vacationers,travelers and cool people from all over the globe, it is not always easy to stay focused. You are called upon to never have a bad day, be the worlds best roommate and be very understanding of limited privacy. These positions are not for everyone. It is a high energy, fast paced job but the pay off is an inner glimpse of everything Patagonia has to offer.

The intern system in Chile is becoming more and more complex every season. If planning to come down to Patagonia and be a volunteer, its a good idea to check with your local embassy about entering Chile on a volunteer visa. Utilizing a official placement company or going through your university is another way to make sure that you are legal and able to get the most out of your time at the bottom of the world. If you are interested in a longer stay, things like insurance and visas need to be taken into consideration.

So you're interested... What's next?

After being hired, you will go through a short training process and have a copy of 'The erratic rock idiots guide to interning'. Non of this is too difficult to understand, but it's just that you need to know it all quickly. Baptism by fire - you hit the ground running. Welcome to Patagonia! These positions calls for friendly and confident personalities and are not for the meek. A basic level and understanding of the spanish language is a must. You need to be able to talk on the phone in Spanish and have basic computer skills. You will also need to have trekked the 5 day 'W' in Torres del Paine National Park before being able to start an internship. Breakfast and lunch are provided as part of the perks, but you are responsible for your own dinner.
Working in the hostel means a lot of 'on call' time. There is ample time to relax, but your presence is always needed, unless it's your day off. Using other staff members to cover shifts is the best way to find multiple days away to head into Torres del Paine or surrounding areas. For more information contact us directly.

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