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Paso Oggioni

Torres del Paine full circuit trek - the big climb up and over

Torres del Paine Paso Extreme - 8 days, 7 nights
2650 USD - 6 trekkers max
Level of difficuly: Demanding
Pack weight: 15-20kg
Single tent upgrade: +$100 USD


Paso Oggioni is not the typical trek and certainly is not for beginners. The trek leads us 'off trail' up and over steep slopes, showing us views of Torres del Paine National Park that few people get to see. Instead of trekking up and back down Valley Silencio we will hike through thick forest, crossing wild creeks and up steep rocky slopes to gain the rarely seen Oggioni Pass.


You should be in very good condition for this program, it is both a physically and mentally demanding trek. We recommend that you be able to hike long distances, uphill and down, up to 10 hours a day with a 15 kilogram pack. We typically cover elevations from 200m to 1200m per day. You should also have keen mental strength and a sense of determination to resist tough elements such as strong winds and frozen rain or snowfall - even in the summer. You should be well accustomed to sleeping in a two-person tent and willing to support the group in all camp activities. The weather in Patagonia is as unpredictable as the landscape and dealing with different levels of discomfort is one of the biggest challenges of Patagonian trekking. 


Day 1

We begin the trip with a 1.5 hour drive towards the entrance of the National Park Torres del Paine. At the entrance we will do the paperwork necessary for the off-trail hiking in the coming days. After this short stop we return to the bus which takes us to the second transportation, a 25 minute boat trip over Lago Pehoé, which arrives at Refugio Paine Grande.  Here we start our hike to Campsite Francés, where we will set up our base camp for the next 2 nights. This is a 3 hour hike over rolling hills with hanging glaciers, lakes and the stunning Cuernos as the main view. After passing by Campsite Italiano we only have a short hike left to Campsite Francés.


Day 2

On our second day we walk into the beautiful French Valley, passing many amazing view points on the way. This day includes views of the highest mountain in the National Park, Paine Grande, with glaciers rolling down it’s steep, granite walls. It will be a full day hike till the end of the valley, reaching the view point Británico and returning. As we will stay in the same campsite we only have to bring a few items in our daypack, making this one of the less challenging sections of our adventure.


Day 3

During day 3 we will cross pebble beaches and steep hills with ever-changing views overlooking Lago Nördenskjold, the other side of the impressive walls of Cuernos and cerro Almirante Nieto and around every corner a different perspective of the Patagonian steppe. After a few hours of hiking we get to the ¨shortcut¨, a trail that will bring us up to the Ascencio Valley where we will find Refugio Chileno, our campsite for the night, where we will enjoy a dinner provided inside the Refugio.


Day 4

Day four begins early for our ascent up to the Towers, packing up camp to move on to Campsite Torres. In this campsite we will leave our backpacks and hike up the steep boulder trail towards the Torres view point where we will see the three towers standing in front of the glacier carved lake. After enjoying our time at the view point we will make our way back down to Campsite Torres, here we will set up our tents and prepare ourselves for the hike into the Valley Silencio, situated behind the towers. On a trail that is very little used, other than the climbers who make their way up the sheer granite walls, we will hike with a lightweight daypack while climbing the steep boulder trails up into the valley. We will also be able to explore a part of the trail which we will hike the next day to the Oggioni pass. 


Day 5

The big day. We will have an 11 hour day of climbing and bushwhacking awaiting us. A tough but beautiful trail which brings you very close to the Patagonian mountains with a 4 hour steep approach to summit the Oggioni pass, from where we will be able to see the whole backside of the National Park of Torres del Paine from above, and as far into the Southern Patagonian ice-field as the weather allows us that day. The steep, almost lunar like, trail down will take us very quickly to the edge of the old Beech forest where we will path find our way down; this will take a lot of energy, patience and a large part of the day. The guide will show the best way through the thick forest until getting to the trail that runs through the backside of the park. Here we will walk another hour down to Campsite Dickson where we will set up camp and prepare a well-deserved dinner.

Day 6

A gentle day to recuperate after the pass, only four hours hiking through similar forests to the previous day, but this time with a trail.  This will bring us up to Campsite Los Perros in front of the John Gardner pass; surrounded by beautiful mountains and glaciers, it is a beautiful campsite to rest and enjoy the wild nature of the National Park.

Day 7

This section brings us to a mountain pass with extensive views of the Southern Patagonian ice-field. An early start will give us a good amount of time to hike the 9-10 hour day yet still take time to enjoy the views that await us. It will be approximately a 3 hour ascent to the John Gardner pass and from there we will start seeing Glacier Grey, a wide river of ice flowing through the valley. It is steep way down through the forest which leads to Campamento Paso from where we make our way to Refugio Grey. A varied hike with some going up and a lot of going down, crossing  bridges that hang over canyons carved by rivers with views over Glacier Grey. After arriving at Refugio Grey we will set up camp and celebrate our second successful mountain pass. 

Day 8

Our last day in the park. We will walk approximately 3.5 hours over the last part of the “W”, a trail that follows Lake Grey walking over an interesting geological area that has seen many changes over the years. This trail will bring us back to Paine Grande where our journey began; here we will take the same catamaran which brought us in, and continue on to the transportation back to Puerto Natales. This is the offical end of the program.

Tours include:
• guide with satellite communication devices (Delorem InReach) & park radio
• all meals in the field
• all transportation
• catamaran
• entrance, camping & park fees
• all logistics

Not included:
• personal camping and trekking gear (clothing, trekking poles, sleeping bag)
• alcoholic beverages
• lodging in town before and after the program
• travel insurance
• itinerary changes
• tips
• personal first aid kit
• single tent upgrade +100 USD

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