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Since 2004

Torres del Paine National Park is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, as well as one of the most pristine and remote places on earth. The granite towers of Paine make a sudden and dramatic appearance on the horizon in the midst of a flat, dry, wind-swept Plain. Despite the almost constant winds, this is some of the finest trekking country in Chile. Endowed with severe mountains, sparkling lakes, waterfalls and glaciers, as well as herds of guanacos, majestic condors, flocks of pink flamingos and large Patagonian hares, the park's international attraction is immediately evident. Once a large sheep ranch, the park was established in 1959 as Parque Nacional Lago Grey. 

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"A big thanks to Erratic Rock for giving me my third trekking vacation in Patagonia! The treks are always surprising and the guides are always accommodating.

I love Torres del Paine National Park..."  

- Megan Stirando

programs & expeditions

Torres del Paine
Classic 'W' trek

5 days trekking / tent camping

1800 USD

Torres del Paine
Classic full circuit

9 days trekking & glacier navigation

tent camping program / 2950 USD

Torres del Paine
Paso Oggioni

8 days up and over - off trail!

2650 USD

Isla Navarino
The Dientes Circuit

6 days trekking

2800 USD

Patagonia Wildlife Overland

8 day Road Trip

3900 USD

Custom Treks

Personalised itineraries

to match your needs 

Rental Equipment

For information and reservations:

ITEM                                                          Price Per Day

Tent (MSR Elixer) 2 person                                                          $10.000 clp
Tent (MSR Elixer) 3 person                                                          $12.000 clp

Sleeping Bag (Marmot Tresles 15/-9 C)                                     $7.000 clp

Trekking Poles (LEKI)                                                                     $6.000 clp

Backpack 40L                                                                                  $8.000 clp

Sleeping Mat ThermoRest                                                             $5.000 clp

Cooking Set                                                                                      $4000 clp

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